Monday, March 26, 2012

McLaren @ Maranello +Monaco GP

MARANELLO - (from the tv programme Grand Prix on Italia 1 channel). McLaren MP4-12C in Ferrari place, some people thought it was a Lamborghini... 
(music: Ferrari fan Jamiroquai from Manchester, last year @ Formula One rocks Milan) 

We're considering to go to MonteCarlo again, to spend the last money before the end of the world (lol). Someone should host us there... You live only once ;) 
I told to the Italian supermodel Beatrice Borromeo to make me know pretty Charlotte Casiraghi... no chance, she's engaged to a horrible rich older man. 
Last year the Monaco GP was a joke, Jenson deserved to win.
My friends want to go to the Belgian GP @ Spa... YOU go there... it could be legendary and all, but it always rains there. A place for Noel Gallagher "not caring for the sunshine"...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Malaysia GP: storm on the way

SEPANG - You remember the mod style rules for Pretty Green: sunglasses need to be large, round and plastic.
I would never stop races... even if it snowed (then Massa would win ahaha). I wouldn't even use safety cars. It should be a surviving challenge. I know I'm an irresponsible :)
Jenson "Batman" was eating Italian pasta (penne al pomodoro) before the race started again (too much power... he then crashed against Karthikeyan). You remember last year pasta gave him super-powers for a great race when he had fever.
Congratulations to Ferrari, even if it seemed a randon win.
We completely lost the sense of time. There was also the time to change.
Jetlagged Honolulu, from "the place where nobody knows if it's night or day" (for the McLaren boys, Oasis fans), as the Malaysian flag: sun/moon

Malaysia + India

 the storm was coming... "so much storm is on the way, but it's so nice" (Oasis, "Thank you for the good times" by Andy Bell)
I told her: loved to hear your sighs and see you wet, LOL.
Martin is a very kind person (though a bit gay LOL - Noel Gallagher would say: 'cause he's interested in fashion ahahaha)

Jenson? I thought it was his girlfriend Jessica Michibata testing the car ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Australia GP 2012: Button dominating

MELBOURNE - Jenson! 
Button won the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. 
Brief summary: great start with Jenson immediately leading, and Hamilton losing the first position. For about 40 laps, Jenson had about 10 and more seconds of advantage, he was extremely quick. Schumacher was 3rd but retired for a problem with the gears. 20 laps to the end: safety car. When the race started again, Jenson immediately won 3 seconds to Vettel 2nd. 
Hamilton lost a lot of seconds and at the end was almost battling with Webber 4th.
Fastest lap by Jenson.
Next race: Malaysia, in 5 days.

more photos soon
Vettel during the race, out again
with Silvia Hoffer Frangipane, McLaren Italian PR
Qantas girls, tram from Milan (they're also in California)
the singer for the Australian anthem
 there was Martin Brundle interviewing a gridgirl, lol
F1 rocks party... Pole Vaulter Melanie (right). 
...and Pole Vaulter (left) LOL

Saturday, March 17, 2012

McLaren: pole position and front row. Vettel and Ferrari in a crisis

MELBOURNE - Something changed, the Red Bull is not dominating. Results of the Australian GP qualifying. One-two, front row for McLaren! 1st and 2nd, pole position for Hamilton.
Difficulties for Vettel (6th), in the gravel and in controlling the car. 4th Schumacher, 5th Webber. Also the other Ferrari in the gravel (12th Alonso, he got angry for his mistake) and Massa risked to be out of the q1, then finished 16th. Ex world champion Raikkonen out of the q1, very far from his team mate (3rd!), I knew he was overrated...

Free practice.
It was raining. Who could be the first one in the gravel? Massa di merda, lol. 
Free pratice, Jenson Button 1st, Oasis fans-McLaren boys 1st & 2nd, good start.
Of course Noel Gallagher always hated Australia, continuously insulting them, and about sports (they care very much about it) he said "their only hope is cricket".
Just today a model from Melbourne told me she's coming to Monza in September. Dedicated to Noel :).
Listening to a funny conversation on the new English Sky Sports F1 (this year we don't watch F1 on Italian tv... maybe) with Hill and Mansell.
Hill said something like: If you don't come from Italy so your name is not something like Bandini, but you're from Birmingham or your name is Hill, you don't sound exotic and the people find it hard to believe in you, lol.
Mansell said nice things about the Italian Patrese, his team mate @ Williams at those times.

fp2 was slower, mixed, rain, drivers testing, etc., 1st Schumacher
fp3 still McLaren first (Hamilton)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

McLaren a Millionaire in Milan

MILAN - another Beady Eye-McLaren video (MP4-12C). 
‎+ old circuit of Monza (on the parabolica), 90th anniversary 1922-2012, I drove some cars there. 
+ Jenson Button @ new store. 
From the album "Different gear, still speeding". 
"A forty minute ride... you drive it and I spend it looking out my window" 
..."and you say to the driver: just drive" (that was another song :) 
You can see the Castello Sforzesco castle, the most famous theatre in the world, teatro alla Scala, 1:30 Leonardo Da Vinci statue, and @ 2:00 in the reflection the Armani store-bar.
Trams are usually of a darker orange, as one of McLaren colours

Thursday, March 01, 2012

r.i.p. Lucio Dalla (Ayrton)

MONTREUX - Button is 1st in Barcelona... meanwhile, the first flower of spring was born in Monza.
The most famous song dedicated to the legendary McLaren driver Ayrton Senna.
Very sad news: r.i.p. Lucio Dalla (uno dei pochi che si salvava nel marasma generale...), you remember Paolo Nutini singing the classic "Caruso". 

Milano... it's about the city where you're either underground or over the moon... 

Anna & Marco
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