Thursday, August 29, 2013

McLaren Just Cavalli

MILANO - Presentation of the new MP4-12C car in Milan, 
also to celebrate McLaren's 50th birthday. 
Jenson Button possibly there again ;) 
he was @ Hugo Boss store opening in Milano, McLaren shop opening in Milan in 2011, Just Cavalli cafè in 2012.

Jenson spoke:
“I’ve always loved Monza. I really enjoy circuits that have a bit of history to them, and Monza has that in abundance – it’s one of the greatest tracks on the calendar.
The place is unique. It's a special kind of challenge, and I really enjoy that. When you have the car hooked up beneath you, you get into a special kind of rhythm around Monza: you’re going so fast that the whole lap just flows together. There’s nowhere quite like it.
So it’s really appropriate that McLaren will be celebrating its 50th anniversary over the Monza weekend. Both names are synonymous with motorsport history – you couldn’t imagine Formula 1 without them – so I’ll be hoping for a strong result to show the strength and depth that we have as a team.”

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Cavalli F1 party +Hollywood Milano

MILAN - new poster, for the days of Monza 2013, Italian Grand Prix. 

Monza iz rite (preparing) - song of the summer 2013. Also those years when the summer was not good, then Monza* comes and it's good :) 

* Monza = happiness

on Sunday night: with Giedo van der Garde

Sunday, August 25, 2013

film Grand Prix 1966

 MONZA - To get into the spirit of Monza...
amazing film, you can download it in Portuguese language for free clicking here, maybe you can find it in other languages but the files are bigger.
In the movie there's no name "McLaren" but a fake one by the Japanese (coincidence with Honda and Jessica Michibata :). That year was also the first one McLaren was racing in F1, Monaco 1966 (at the start of the film) was the first GP, but McLaren was born in 1963 (50th anniversary this 2 September).
You can also often see Graham Hill, father of Damon.
In September around the days of Monza the new film about Formula 1 in the 70s (Hunt-Lauda), Rush

McLaren 2014-2015 TelMex, Honda

WOKING - No more the jinx Vodafone in 2014 (but still Mercedes engines) maybe a winning car. We prefer red instead of blue from TelMex, reminds of Ayrton Senna's Marlboro McLaren... anyway McLaren should have its own colour (orange) like Ferrari, without changing it for the sponsors. Maybe you don't like orange but it was the real colour of McLaren. Even if the great majority of the fans knew McLaren with the red & white, when it was most successful. 
Claro will be a sponsor and it's red. Also, Honda is red, would be ready for 2015.
But next year there won't be a number 5...

crowd booing Vettel

SPA FRANCORCHAMPS - What an ignorant comment from Vettel in the interview... speaking about Monza, according to him, Italians boo every driver if they don't drive for an Italian team...
and he was even confused about why the fans were booing again like at Silverstone when he was on the podium @ Spa GP, full of British fans... (it wasn't really for Greenpeace as some commentator said, to avoid controversies).
Usually we only boo ze Germanz assholez. He already showed more than one time, to be a miserable person, even towards his own team mate Webber.

Also notice how he's always looking at the other cars, as if there was something irregular (Red Bull, always) or to copy something.

Alonso (by far, the best driver in Formula 1) > Raikkonen > Hamilton > Rosberg > Vettel.
shame we can't see Raikkonen next year @ Red Bull, he would beat the shit out of Vettel (Raikkonen driving a Lotus sometimes can already beat him).
In the past, never liked Alonso but he's clearly the best driver. Loved it how Vettel and Hamilton snobbed him at the end, says a lot...
I wonder how fans of Vettel can exist... but I hope he wins the Italian GP (well, it's Red Bull winning), so he'll get loads of booing.

photo slideshow highlights

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

summer 2013 compilation

MONZA - 1. Iz rite (song of the summer 2013), Beady Eye 
2. Valentine’s day (19 August single), David Bowie 
3. Lonesome swan, Glasvegas (September: new album) 
4. Going places (Teenage Fanclub, Liam's favourite band), from Grand Prix (September: Formula 1 @ Monza) 
5. Lucyella, The Clocktower 
6. Ecstasy of gold, Ennio Morricone (Kasabian intro in Milan), 22 August in Verona 
7. Figli delle stelle, Alan Sorrenti (now back as remix, the old hit is better) 
8. Shine a light (September: Milan woman fashion week)

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Monza F1 Italian GP 2013

MONZA - Official new poster, Italy Grand Prix 2013.
tickets clicking here 
+ 5 September meeting the drivers 
and 4 charity football game with the Formula 1 drivers (Nazionale Piloti) for children suffering from leukemia. Around those days also McLaren's 50th birthday and Rush @ cinema, the new film about F1. 
soon the new posters for Just Cavalli & Hollywood Milano 

2012. Other videos on the column on the right
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