Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rosberg world champion!

ABU DHABI - You've seen what a SON OF A BITCH Lewis Shamilton is.
sport should be about winning. And not making the other lose.
But Formula1 is not a sport...
Hamilton confirmed he's not a winner when he said that thing about not winning the race because he didn't win the title.
Ok. I agree with the Hamilton fanboys. Someone made Rosberg win the championship.
What what?? what are you saying??
Yes, because in all these years of Mercedes dominance, Hamilton is winning and will win again several titles, and they wanted to make him look like a great driver, with a great rival winning too (while Rosberg is average).

not money bitch H-iguai-n, decicated to money bitch H-amilto-n 

more highlights soon 

Le cagate di Ivan Capelli (cioè quando parla "normalmente"). Rallentare come Hamilton facendo avvicinare le altre macchine, dicesi FARE DA TAPPO (perchè a Rosberg non conveniva avvicinarsi troppo, infatti aveva smesso di avvicinarsi), sarebbe una STRATEGIA DI LIVELLO. Antropologicamente superiore.
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