Monday, April 17, 2017

Bahrain GP, Hamilton media joke

SAKHIR - In the Ricciardo-pitlane penalty, Lewminati pretty well showed what a son of a bitch he is. 
The English media even said he lost the race because of the penalty, lololol... poor victim, their media darling.
There must be a conspiracy. The relatives of Rosberg in Finland must be relatives with Bottas. You know, average Rosberg, looking like a champion when fighting vs Leeewiisss.
Shamilton is the "fastest man in the history of universe on a single lap" (but taking 9 years for a pole in MonteCarlo...), and one called Bottas who was often behind "legend" Massa, was on his first pole position at his 3rd race in a new car for him.
Also, the thing the media are continuously repeating Lewser is reaching records of Schumacher or Prost or Senna, is pointless, as they had also some slow cars, and he had NOT any.
"Born poor"... inside McLaren, a fast one.
Now he's jealous that Alonso and Button are getting the news titles for the Indy 500-Monaco issue, so he said he wants to enter Nascar Daytona 500.
You know, Jenson Button, scoring more points than Hamilton using the same car.
Vandoorne fooled around the tabloids, by saying he will miss the Hungarian Grand Prix, to take part of the 24 hours of Spa, and they believed him.
Only one like Hamilon FAKING (in fact he made a gesture for the media) could show himself happy for the team mate on pole, which is the first enemy in F1. Shamilton clearly has got a problem of reputation, he knows it's not so good and wants to show himself as the OH SO GOOD man he isn't.
FAKE. He wants to show he's got a strong rival so he's got to fight hard, but Bottas is average like Rosberg.
By the way, the "ace" Massa... how can we forget (many do, Hammy fanboys weren't even born) how "Hammer time" won his first title, by overtaking "legend" Glock and finishing 5th, with Massa winning. Or another world championship, at the last GP in Abu Dhabi, struggling vs Massa in a much inferior car and Red Bull suddenly disqualified before the race, etc.
Ladies and gentlemen, Lewis Hamilton, the most overrated driver in Formula 1 history, a modern creation of the media.
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